P U N T A L A - R O C K 2 0 2 1

July 30th and 31st, Lempäälä, Finland


July20th 2021

The outputs of the last few days with the punkstoo instagram about sexual violence, harassment, misogyny and other inappropriate behavior in punk scene have been shocking to read. Some of the shared experiences have been about rape, harassment and other abuses in Puntala. We fully condemn the acts. Puntala does not accept any form of violence, sexism, misogyny, racism, trans- and homophobia or any other discriminatory behavior.

Especially in recent years we have paid more and more attention to safety and strived to make Puntala an even safer event for all visitors, performers and volunteers. We have clearly not succeeded in this and we now have to look in the mirror. We apologize to all those who have been subjected to violence and inappropriate behavior in Puntala.

Puntala is a non-profit do-it-yourself festival. We have received praise from both domestic and foreign performers and festival guests for the good and peaceful atmosphere and inclusiveness of the event. However, this has not been the case for all visitors. We take the creepy events that have come to light very seriously, and in the future we will invest even more in safety when planning festivals. Our guidance will make security personnel and volunteers even better, and we will improve our communication both in the festival area and before the festivities. We are thoroughly thinking about how to act in the future so that situations like the ones that have arisen will never happen again.

We very much welcome any concrete suggestions on how to make Puntala safer! You can send suggestions to info @ Puntala-rock.

To deal with the issues that have come into the light has been very distressing also for the Puntala crew. We will work both separately and together to process events and inform about future changes and upcoming festivals in general later.

There is no room for violence, misogyny or discrimination in Punk. Visitors and bands that are unable to respect these principles are not welcome at Puntala. We ask that if you see improper use in Puntala in the future, inform the security personnel or the organizing body. Let's stick together and make the punk safe for everyone.

We want to send our full support to the brave people who shared their experiences and the administrators of the punkstoo account. Although the experiences and discussion are heavy and distressing, bringing them up is very important to make a difference.

Puntala crew

April 30th 2021

We have been trying to be hopeful about the upcoming summer and started organizing Puntala 2021 already during the winter.
Organizing a festival takes a lot of time and unfortunately in this unsure situation we have to face the reality: it is not possible to keep up with the arrangements and we have decided to CANCEL PUNTALA 2021.
We hope you will understand our difficult decision. We can not do anything else than look in to the future and Puntala 2022.
More than anything we hope it will finally be possible next year to gather together again, enjoy punk and friends and everything that makes life so much better.
Until then please stay safe and dont give up!
See you at Puntala 29th - 30th July 2022!!
Waiting for the better times to come,
Puntala crew

February 23rd 2021

We have decided to try to organize PUNTALA 2021 this summer BUT we have to be realistic.
The worldwide situation being as it is its very unlikely that we would be able to get foreign bands in Finland this summer.
Because of this unpleasant fact we have decided to have Puntala 2021 fest only with bands from Finland.
We hope we can have international line-up at Puntala 2022 again.
Depending on the travelling restrictions at the time we of course welcome visitors from outside of Finland to participate in the festival.
We will keep an eye on the restrictions and will keep you updated!

PUNTALA 30.-31.7.2021 Lempäälä, Finland.
Puntala is a diy punk festival.
We dont tolerate any kind of racism, sexism, homo/transphobia or any other forms of discrimination or violence.

Puntala-Rock 2021

November 29th 2020

Puntala 2020 Cancelled shirts, coolers etc. are now on sale !

February 18th 2020

Ticket sales starts March 1st from Liveto
Band reveals happens by the end of March

January 15th 2020

Logo competition: Send your work before March 15th. E-mail: puntala-rock@puntala-rock.net,
or to address:

Hauralantie 23
37500 Lempäälä

January 15th 2020


If you are interested in playing at Puntala-Rock 2019 you can send us email or traditional post. Use your bandīs name as a subject!

You can send the applications until February 29th 2020


Email : bands@puntala-rock.net

Post :

Hauralantie 23
37500 Lempäälä

Puntala is a DIY PUNK FESTIVAL and we dont tolerate any kind of racism, sexism, homo- or transphobia or any other forms of discrimination. This naturally goes with the bands too!