P U N T A L A - R O C K 2 0 1 8

July 27th and 28th, Lempäälä, Finland

About festival

Puntala-rock is punk/hc/crust/etc. festival organized by Lempäälän Karuselli ry (LeKa).


A place for a tent is included in tickets. There might be problems to get a car inside festival are because limited space.

You can find more information about other possible places for accomodation from here


Näytä suurempi kartta

Festival is located at Puntala Campsite, Lempäälä, Finland (about 150 km from Helsinki, 140 km from Turku and 30 km from Tampere).

How to get there?

You can get to Lempäälä from Helsinki, Tampere and Turku by train or bus. The buses from Tampere: bus

Tampere-Pirkkala Airport is located about 10 km from the festival area.

There will buss from Helsinki Railwaystation to festival area. Check http://www.riskiretket.fi.


Bus from Tampere to Puntala = 10 euros, from Lempäälä to Puntala = 5 euros

02:30 pm Lempäälä - Puntala
03:45 pm Tampere - Puntala (+ lisävuoro tarvittaessa, ilmoitetaan paikanpäällä)
05:15 - 08:00 pm Lempäälä - Puntala - Lempäälä (non stop)
09:00 pm Lempäälä - Puntala - Lempäälä
10:30 pm Lempäälä - Puntala - Lempäälä
01:20 am Puntala - Lempäälä - Tampere
About 02:30 am Puntala - Lempäälä - Tampere (Only if needed!)

Klo 11:00 am Tampere - Puntala
About 12:00 am Tampere - Puntala (if needed)
12:45 - 04:00 pm Lempäälä - Puntala - Lempäälä (non stop)
04:00 pm Lempäälä - Puntala
05:00 pm Puntala - Lempäälä
06:00 pm Lempäälä - Puntala
07:00 pm Puntala - Lempäälä
00:00 am Puntala - Tampere Direct
01:20 am Puntala - Lempäälä - Tampere
About 02:30 am Puntala - Lempäälä - Tampere (if needed)
About 03:30 am Extra buss, (if needed)

SUNDAY (from Puntala)
10:00 am Puntala - Lempäälä
11:00 am Puntala - Lempäälä - Tampere
12:30 pm Puntala - Lempäälä - Tampere
02:00 am Puntala - Lempäälä - (Tampere, Min. 10 persons)

Prices :

Tampere - Puntala 10 euros, same vice versa.
Lempäälä - Puntala 5 euros, same vice versa.

Changes Possible !

Buss from Tampere (B):

Buss from Lempäälä (S).

Driving instructions

There will signs to festival area from directions of Helsinki, Tampere and Viiala. You can find the map of Lempäälä from here.

From Helsinki:Drive out from highway at interconnection number 34 (Lempäälä E). After that follow the PUNTALA-ROCK signs.

From Tampere: Drive out from highway at interconnection number 36 (Valkeakoski and Hakkari), drive to direction of Hakkari. After that follow the PUNTALA-ROCK signs.

From Viiala: Drive past the center of Lempäälä. After 2 km, follow the PUNTALA-ROCK signs.

What is forbidden to bring into festival area

Dogs and other animals.
Large pavilion type tents.
Glass bottles (there will be free plastic bottles at the entrance).
Drugs and weapons of any kind.
Boomboxes, Ghettoblasters and similar must be left outside.

If you need more information, contact: info@puntala-rock.net